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Maya Kramer, b. 1977, Washington DC, obtained her BFA in 2000 from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD and received her MFA in 2006 from Hunter College in NYC.   She was based in New York City for nine years, during which time she worked in the curatorial department of the Guggenheim Museum and for private collectors.  In 2010 she moved to Shanghai and has since exhibited internationally in conjunction with institutions such the Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong, the Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, Holland, and The Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China, among others.  She is the recipient of the Jacob Javits Fellowship, and her works have been featured in media such as Fortune Art, Randian, and Blouin Art Info.  She is a regular contributor to Frieze magazine and Cobo Social, is a Clinical Professor of Art at NYUSH and is represented by Capsule Gallery in Shanghai. 




2003-06   MFA Hunter College, New York, NY


1997-00   Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD


1996-97   Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA









2018        Decoy, Capsule Gallery, Shanghai, China 

2014        Against the Wind, Frontline Contemporary, Shanghai, China

2009        From Where It Springs, Truecolor Museum, Suzhou, China





2020        Art House, Sinan Ye, Shanghai, China 

2020        Down the Rabbit Hole, Capsule Gallery, Shanghai China

2019        The Kind Stranger, UN Art Center, China

2018        Perspectives, Qing Art Space, Shanghai, China 

2017        Extension at Sea, China Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2016        Visions of Landscape, Ming Qi Art Park, Shanghai, China

2016        Group Dynamics, Ming Qi Art Park, Shanghai, China

2015        City Vision, Shanghai, China 

2015        Why Why Art: Community Hospital Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2015        To Be or Not to Be, Artoon Space, Shanghai China

2015        Robert Wilson’s Watermill Benefit, Watermill, NY

2015        Beyond Architecture, Long Museum, Shanghai, China                  

2014        Unseen Existence, Dialogues with the Environment in Contemporary Art, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong, China                

2014        Soft Power, Leo Gallery, Shanghai, China

2014        Robert Wilson’s Watermill Benefit, Watermill, NY 

2013        The Folly of a Species, OV  Gallery, Shanghai, China

2013        Robert Wilson’s Watermill Benefit, Watermill, NY

2013        Laowai, MAB Society BANK, Shanghai,  China

2012        A City Sorrow Built, Masters and Pelavin, New York, NY

2011        Utopia Nowhere: Views of Progress and Nostalgia, Art Plus Gallery, Shanghai, China

2011        Comfortable Auction, Comfortable Collective: Maya Kramer, Jin Shan, Girolamo Marri, Gao Mingyan and Tang Di Xing, Shanghai Gallery                  of Art, Shanghai, China

2011        Parallel Worlds, Refracted Realities, OV Gallery, Shanghai, China

2010        The Third Party, Platform Gallery, Beijing, China

2010        There is Nothing You Can Measure Anymore, Ni You Yu, Jin Shan, Maya Kramer, Aike Gallery, Shanghai, China

2010        Robert Wilson’s Watermill Benefit, Watermill, NY

2010        Double Infinity, Co-organized by Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven Holland and Arthub Asia, Dutch Cultural Council, Shanghai, China

2010        Makeover, Group Exhibition, OV Gallery, Shanghai, China

2009        Robert Wilson’s Watermill Benefit, Watermill, NY

2006        MFA Thesis Exhibition, Hunter College, New York, NY

2006        Works on Paper, Andrea Wohl Keefe and Maya Kramer, 193c Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2000        Commencement Show, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

2000        Group Drawing Show, Charles County Community College, Baltimore, MD

1998        Group Painting Show, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA




A W A R D S 


2019        Residency, Artbarn, Amaranth, PA

2016-18  Critical Collaboration Fellow, New York University, New York, NY

2009        Residency, Truecolor Museum, Suzhou, China

2006        Finalist, Fine Arts Work Center. Provincetown, MA

2003-6     Jacob K. Javits Fellowship, New York, NY

2000        Walter and Betty Wilkinson Memorial Scholarship, Baltimore, MD

1998        Maryland Senatorial Scholarship, Baltimore, MD

1997        Robert T Finegold Award, Pittsburgh, PA

1996        Presidential Scholarship Recipient, Pittsburg, PA




P R E S S , L E C T U R E S ,  P U B L I C A T I O N S ,  O T H E R 

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2019       Art and Value Panel, Co-Organizer and Panel Moderator, NYUSH, Shanghai, China

2019      “Review- Tank Shanghai- No Longer “Under Construction”,


2019       “Review, Goshka Macuga, What was I?”

2018       “Review, Shanghai Biennale Proregress Goes in Circles”,


2018       “Critics’ Guide: With Shanghai’s Busiest Art Month Underway, Highlights of the Best Exhibitions in Town”.


2018        Leigh Tanner “Review, Maya Kramer: The Allure of Nature”, CoBo Social,


2018        Jin, Shunhua, “Review, Maya Kramer, Uncontrollable Absence”, in Art Monthly, (2018):13-14.

2018        “Review, Lettres du Voyant: Joseph Beuys x Nam June Paik”, CoBo Social, 


2018        Art and Globalization Panel, Co-Organizer and Panel Moderator, NYUSH, Shanghai, China

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2017        “Review- Toshiyuki Konishi”, Frieze Magazine, 

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2017        “Being There”,

2016        “Asking in Uncertain Times”,

2016        “On Viewing 10,000 Waves and My Epidemic”, Cobo Social,                   my-epidemic/

2016        “She, Good Intentions Faulty Execution”, Cobo Social,

2015        “Recognizable in the Ruins”, Jin Shan Exhibition Catalogue, BANK Gallery 

2015        Wang, Jin Yang, “Special Report: Three American Artists in Shanghai, American Women Artists talk about their Creative Life in a Foreign                  Country”, Fortune Art, February 2015, 52-53.

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2014        Unseen Existence, HKAC

2013        Gaskin, Sam, "Interview: Shanghai Artist Maya Kramer on Painting with Coal, Blouin Art, November 12th, 2013,             


2012        Review of the 9th Shanghai Biennale, Artlink, Volume 32 No. 4, (2012): 84-85

2012        Preface, Feng Mengbo: My Private Museum, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Three on the Bund.

2011        Beautiful Because it is Brief, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Three on the Bund.

2011        New York Residency Program, Visiting Artist

2011        Haegney, Din, "Everything Transforms", Art 21 Blog Interview, June 15th, 2011


2010        Zhao, Chan. “Off Site Art in Shanghai.” Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Volume 9, Number 5 (2010): 61-70.

2010        Butcher, Claire., ed.  Double Infinity. Eindhoven: Uitgever, 2010.

2004        MFASO Lecture Series, Co-organizer

2002        Rachel Whiteread: Transient Spaces, @ Guggenheim, co-author, {Brochure}



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